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How is your league handling the news that NBA is suspending its season?

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I will be fleeing the country with my league's pot

That's because every situation is different.  I'd have people whining regardless.  For instance, there's a guy who's in 9th place in our league, but he's playing against a dead last team and destroyin

Josh Lloyd, the fantasy guru, advocated today that it's not fair to refund everyone's money, since there are teams which were out of the playoffs already, with no chance to win. His idea is that all p

On 6/17/2020 at 3:32 AM, Pumbaa said:

we were in the last gameweek before playoffs, 10 teams had chance to enter it out of 14(8 playoff spots). Those 10 will split the money and no playoff - no winner.

My league decided to just refund everyone even the eliminated teams. So trash. At least i finished 1st in standings so i got first place trophy on my profile. I am the new champion and there is no asterisk i will gloat about being a champion.

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According to several well-known reporters, Kyrie Irving organized a video conference with more than 200 NBA players and WNBA players today. During the meeting, Kyrie Irving publicly opposed the rematch. He said: “I do not support going to Orlando, I do not Support systematic racial discrimination.” Not only that, Kyrie Irving also questioned the player union chairman Chris Paul at the meeting, challenging the rules set by the player union. More on The NBA rematch is over

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