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10-Team H2H 5x5 Standard

C - Realmuto

1B - Bell

2B - Hiura

3B - JRam

SS - Baez

OF - Yelich, JDM, Brantley

UT - A. Rosario, McMahon, DeJong

Bench - Walker, Avisail, Cutch

SP - Clevinger, Snell, Wheeler, Luzardo, Maeda, Urquidy, CMart

RP - Hendriks, Neris, Kela, J. Jimenez


As always, WHIR

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Offense is great.  You have 3 UTIL?  Rosario and DeJong are both very underrated right now... McMahon has the potential to be really nice.  Love the bench too.  Possibly a little light on SB but might be ok.

SP is very solid to very good.  I think CarMart is being overlooked.  

RP core is actually quite good imo.  Closers are nearly a total crapshoot and you've got 4 so you should be in solid shape.

Nice job.



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Top notch lineup, very impressive actually. Realmuto, Hiura, Walker, J-Ram, JDM, Yelich... very good. I’m not a fan of the starting pitching as Clevinger/Snell/Luzardo won’t get to 200 innings or even close and in H2H you need workhorses. Your relief pitching seems solid to me. Overall as long as your hitting/streaming makes up for the weeks when your aces don’t pitch you could be one of the top 3 teams.

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i like it..7 or 7.5....had u drafted an elite sp like walker instead of jd mart i would have given u a 9. Pair walker with clevinger and u are golden. Remember, sps are the key to making the playoffs, unless your league is set up for alot of streaming

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