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C.J. Cron 2020 Outlook

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C.J. Cron seems like he could return some value to owners this year.  Penciled in as Detroit's everyday cleanup hitter.  Elite statcast numbers. Healthy now.  Detroit's lineup will stink and Cron has strong LHP/RHP splits but he won't cost you much. 





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In deep leagues he can be quite valuable at his price. Plays every day, should be good for around 30 HR and 80 RBI. Shouldn't kill you in average. He was probably a little unlikely in average last year based on statcast and BABIP.

Not a great real life player (bad fielder, doesn't walk), but he's the type of player in fantasy that could fly under radar and hit .270 with 35 HR this year and no one would be surprised. His value is depressed because everyone has power nowadays, that's why I like him a lot more in deep leagues where playing time is more valuable. I don't see how he won't be 150 games barring injury.

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1 hour ago, Dr. Whom said:

He hasn’t played in a while and 1b is shallow...he’s a hold for me at least one more week of games 


True, but with Freeman and Muncy able to play first for me, I am kind of wondering if I should throw him to the curb...

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