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2 minutes ago, Fried Pork Grind said:

Wow lol... If that is you in the avatar (and we know what you are about) best of luck to Fuller... 


only the best avatar known to man. Every forum person should know the face.

I don’t think we should drop until we know for sure the appeal cycle if there is one.

fortunately waivers is extended this week 

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1 hour ago, Fried Pork Grind said:

How can you be happy about losing him for the ROS? 


Nobody is happy about losing him obviously. But nobody expected to have him for a full season. So at the very least, you got what you expected. If not more because he was even better game to game than I think anyone could have hoped for. 

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2 hours ago, Fried Pork Grind said:

So there is no reason to keep him in re-draft leagues right? Like this wont be fought and possible changed? 

I am interested in this as well. Is he for sure safe to drop this week or is there a chance at a reduction?

At least waivers don't run until Friday now (Yahoo) so there is a little extra time to find out.

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