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Marlon Mack 2020 Outlook

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What are you trying to say here? You will own him or you won't own him?

hmmm I think you may be lost bro.... this is the MACK HYPE THREAD.  Mack is about to be the d*mn steal of the draft. He's bout to beast. JT is gonna fumble 3 times vs the Jags and hit the be

https://horseshoeheroes.com/2020/08/29/colts-chris-ballard-blasts-former-nfl-gm-criticism-marlon-mack/ “Let me say this, watch the freakin’ tape. You can’t tweet on things if you are not…that’s w

I owned Mack last 2yrs, he’s done well when “healthy” behind an elite Oline but to hot or cold for my taste. Problem is he always gets hurt and isn’t dependable, he was on my DND list. Glad I reached for J Taylor in all my leagues. He’s fantasy gold at this point behind that Oline.

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For the record I said Taylor would sweep Mack aside this season, but I did not want Mack to get hurt.  I feel badly for the player.  I hope he can buck the odds and be the first one to overcome this particular injury.

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Man, I know lots of people wanted JT to secure the role, but I think / hope no one wanted it to happen like this. I really hope Mack can beat the odds and make it back as a player, and if not, that he finds a fulfilling second career, whether it be coaching or whatever else. 

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