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Ok I put on my two pairs of glasses, face shield, newsboy cap and headset on. Let's try this again:

Rojo Truthers Unite! He is going to be fine.     

This guy is destroying every pair of slacks I own

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37 minutes ago, Impreza178 said:

Explosion,  tackle breaking,  vision all jump off the page.    Bench em Bruce is the only thing holding him back.    Ceiling is too good to ever come out of my flex spot. 

Dont even know if its Bruce or if its Brady since he has some say in who they play(ie AB). Regardless, this dude needs to play way more if this team wants to win. 

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Bruce isn't dumb(despite what the armchair coaches continually say). He knows Rojo is the more talented runner and does try to get him the ball. I remember them even trying to throw him a screen pass early in the Rams game when he was hitting brick walls trying to run the ball. You know if they're throwing Rojo screen passes they desperately want the ball in his stone hands to make plays. Some of the stuff that happened earlier in the year was a little headscratching(Rojo being banished for long periods of time) but maybe they were just sending a message. At this point I think they're going to give him the ball alot and in the softer matchups he has going forward that will work out well.

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I don't think Bruce is dumb.. I'd say he's quite stubborn though. The Bucs should've been blown out yesterday. The Chiefs were on the doorstep already up 17-0 before they fumbled the snap and the Bucs recovered. This is the possession Rojo caught the ball in the flats and turned it up field for a TD (beautiful run after the catch by the way). Tampa ran their patented offense - run up the middle on first down then throw on 2nd and 3rd. Their first two possessions were three and out and on their second possession Ronald actually broke off an 8 yard run on first down.. Tampa then threw the ball twice and even went empty on 3rd and 2. They needed two yards for a first and elected to unsuccessfully throw twice. Someone needs to tell Bruce and Byron they can run the ball on consecutive plays. It is mind boggling. They refuse to establish the run. One negative is Ronald missed a blitz pickup (he whiffed on a block against Mathieu) that led to Brady getting hit as he threw and a Chiefs interception. Probably a big reason why Lenny was out there in for a lot of snaps in the second half as the Bucs were essentially in their 2 minute offense the entire time. Other than that he looked as explosive as ever. I genuinely enjoy watching him run the ball.. wish we could see more of it.


However, after the bye, the schedule is beautiful and Ronald should see a lot of positive game scripts. Get to week 14 and this guy should be a RB1 for you the rest of the way.

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I'm flexing him this weekend and feeling really good about it. Arians comments about him having 20 touches going forward cemented it even more for me. He has flip flopped on what he has said in the past but I don't think he is THAT stubborn after coming out of the bye with multiple weeks of Ronald showing he can run laps around Fournette. 

RB1 outing week 14 in the playoffs? I think so.

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On 12/11/2020 at 3:37 PM, fbi314159 said:

I'd play him this week, and like him for most of the playoffs; however, my trust in what Arians says is proportional to the distance I can throw him.

I think Arians is an idiot and not just stubborn.

Arians is a total idiot. 

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I been riding wit ROJO all season as my RB2 but I just picked up Akers before the Patriot game, I have a bye this week but I'm torn on riding ROJO or going with Akers next week, I'm thinking Akers could be that league winner that comes every year.

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