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If you'd like to follow along with the picks in this draft, you can do so here.

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Round 1 Results

# Pick Player Team
1 1.1 Acuna Jr., Ronald (ATL-OF) evillaw4eva
2 1.2 Yelich, Christian (MIL-OF) mavsfan23
3 1.3 Trout, Mike (LAA-OF) Dark Kn19ht
4 1.4 Bellinger, Cody (LAD-1B) 89Topps
5 1.5 Soto, Juan (WSH-OF) Mdubb23
6 1.6 Betts, Mookie (LAD-OF) meh2
7 1.7 Cole, Gerrit (NYY-P) Rotocious
8 1.8 Bregman, Alex (HOU-3B) Cheppy
9 1.9 Lindor, Francisco (CLE-SS) Members_Only_76
10 1.10 Ramirez, Jose (CLE-3B) 6Kill
11 1.11 Arenado, Nolan (COL-3B) JE7HorseGod
12 1.12 deGrom, Jacob (NYM-P) BostonCajun

Picks are updated here as they're made.

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Round 2 Results

# Pick Player Team
13 2.1 Story, Trevor (COL-SS) BostonCajun
14 2.2 Freeman, Freddie (ATL-1B) JE7HorseGod
15 2.3 Harper, Bryce (PHI-OF) 6Kill
16 2.4 Buehler, Walker (LAD-P) Members_Only_76
17 2.5 Turner, Trea (WSH-SS) Cheppy
18 2.6 Scherzer, Max (WSH-P) Rotocious
19 2.7 Martinez, J.D. (BOS-OF) meh2
20 2.8 Verlander, Justin (HOU-P) Mdubb23
21 2.9 Devers, Rafael (BOS-3B) 89Topps
22 2.10 Alvarez, Yordan (HOU-UT) Dark Kn19ht
23 2.11 Rendon, Anthony (LAA-3B) mavsfan23
24 2.12 Tatis Jr., Fernando (SD-SS) evillaw4eva

Picks are updated here as they're made.

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1 hour ago, BostonCajun said:

@Rotocious you’re otc

Hey man, not trying to be a pain but if you know you’re going to be away for 8 hours please utilize the auto draft feature and set up a list of players in you’re queue. We’ve got everyone making their picks rather quickly and we’re just in a holding pattern when it comes your turn. 

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2 hours ago, Cheppy said:

In the future I’d rather get 12 people, come to a consensus on a draft day and time and have a normal draft. This 2 picks a day stuff is for the birds.

it’s not usually like this. I’ve done 3 of these now and it’s usually a few rounds per day with some very good discussion in the draft chat. It’s designed to work around everyone’s busy schedules but also it’s made so it’s very easy to check your phone for a min or two when it comes time to pick. Personally I like the slow draft, just not this slow. 

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8 minutes ago, mavsfan23 said:

@2ndCitySox you still interested? 

yeah if you’re interested we could ask @tonycpsu to sub you in. We could even restart the draft if you’d prefer that. Right now the team you would be taking over has the 7th overall pick and has Cole and Scherzer and it’s currently his pick again. 

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9 minutes ago, mavsfan23 said:

Are you ok with Cole/Scherzer as your first two picks? It's your turn in the 3rd round, if so. 

Sure why not. I just need access / invite


@tonycpsu (if you are so willing, good sir)

Edited by 2ndCitySox
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Round 3 Results

# Pick Player Team
25 3.1 Clevinger, Mike (CLE-P) evillaw4eva
26 3.2 Strasburg, Stephen (WSH-P) mavsfan23
27 3.3 Bieber, Shane (CLE-P) Dark Kn19ht
28 3.4 Flaherty, Jack (STL-P) 89Topps
29 3.5 Alonso, Pete (NYM-1B) Mdubb23
30 3.6 Altuve, Jose (HOU-2B) meh2
31 3.7 Torres, Gleyber (NYY-2B) 2ndCitySox
32 3.8 Blackmon, Charlie (COL-OF) Cheppy
33 3.9 Kershaw, Clayton (LAD-P) Members_Only_76
34 3.10 Albies, Ozzie (ATL-2B) 6Kill
35 3.11 Corbin, Patrick (WSH-P) JE7HorseGod
36 3.12 Bogaerts, Xander (BOS-SS) BostonCajun

Picks are updated here as they're made.

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