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Philip Humber  Because I got to see him throw a perfect game on my bachelor party against the Mariners after being drunk and calling him a loser in bullpen warmups.  Dude shoved it right down my

The most exciting player I’ve ever watched.

Kevin Gausman 

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I don't really have a team. I was a Tigers fan as a super small kid via my parents, then Dodgers after moving to LA.  After they treated their fans like trash for years and years, I was out. 

So anyway,as an unrestricted free agent fan, it's Ichiro.  Him coming over as this unknown, mysterious star.  People thought Asian players might not ever be great position players and so there was a fair amount of doubt.  He just kills it.  

Outfield assist is my favorite play, so there's that.  

He had his own philosophy about hitting, which might not have been optimal, but was cool.  There's still this air of mystery, as he had great power in BP.  He just wanted to play in a Ty Cobb kinda style.  I think it's a far more exciting style than BB/K/HR and nothing else. (Really, I like having players with all different styles) Some say he could have done well in a home run derby.

Was also a good pitcher.  It's a shame they waited so long to give him a shot.  How typical of MLB to just throw away an exciting fan experience.  Not saying he should have been Ohtani, but good greif, this huge superstar wants to pitch in some blowouts, let him. Let us see it.

Epic HR on his return to Seattle with the fans going nuts, holding up signs in Japanese.  I love how baseball has become such a cross cultural game.

Seems like a really cool guy.

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22 hours ago, MrBrett said:

George Brett

Great memories of him, including his quest to hit .400.

A few infamous ones. Pine tar, going ballistic, and hemorrhoids. Lol

George was my guy, too. I was blessed in that in the twelve games I got to see him in person, he hit .500 with six HR.  I’ve always maintained that if he’d have provided me with season tickets, it would have guaranteed he’d have been the best ever! ;)

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8 hours ago, Rotocious said:

Mark Buehrle.  Won by being a competitor and intelligent rather than having pure stuff.

Plus you know if he was pitching the game would take under 2 hours and you could get on with your day

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1 hour ago, Sidearmer said:

Sidd Finch.

Yes! I actually saw him pitch for the Hoboken Zephyrs. His first pitch broke the sound barrier. He inspired Chuck Yeager to do it in a jet.

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On 3/21/2020 at 10:17 AM, mavsfan23 said:

Loved his batting stance, and was on the Rangers when I first started watching baseball. He may still be playing in some obscure league somewhere. Steve Buechele was another favorite. Juan Gonzalez and Nolan were obviously high on the list too. 


Watched all these guys at the old Arlington Stadium many o times.  Great memories.

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On 3/20/2020 at 5:25 PM, charger_ss24 said:

Ken Griffey, Jr. I even wore 24 during my high school baseball days.

You a Mariner fan?

I am, and PAMPERS cried way too much.

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