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Heads up: If you’re a CMC owner, you may need to go see a doctor for having an erection for longer than 4 hours after watching this video.

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22 minutes ago, next big thing cp84 said:

Agree for the most part, don't love to hear that its a 'painful' injury though

If it wasn't painful he wouldn't have bothered getting an MRI.  I wasn't expecting him to practice today--if it was bad enough for an MRI it was bad enough to give him some recovery time.

I'm hoping that we get an actual update on the injury--like what it actually is.  On the plus side, this report didn't directly contribute to the heat death of the universe since it lacked actual information.

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13 minutes ago, Jubanton said:

Wasn't the MRI done already? If it was really apocalyptic... should have been leaked by now.


Worst case out through the bye methinks.

The initial report said they would know the MRI results on Wednesday. MRI results are available within 24 hours, so its anytime now we should hear reports about what that MRI showed. 

If he had an MRI monday, then they already have the results and it somehow hasn't been leaked... if that's the case you'd think the MRI showed nothing, and he is likely fine. 


Just an odd situation overall. 

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