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Adam Thielen 2020 Outlook

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No.     Stud city.

Found the Packers fan

I’ve noticed lol look at his post history. 

Just now, matanp said:

glad I stuck to my guns and started this cat.  20 half PPR points is extremely solid.

He had been in a slump lately but there was no way he was getting benched in the 'ship. Glad he came around this week. Irv Smith was getting a lot of the looks he ordinarily gets in the EZ tonight - they were running a ton of combo routes tonight I noticed and it wound up benefiting both of them.

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No dog in the fight, but I didn't think he actually scored a TD tonight. It was very close, and call on the field almost always stands, but I didn't see it. Seemed like they just said whatever, games over anyway so just give it to him. (Then again, the horrible Joe Buck said "There's no definitive look" on Kamara's last TD while the replay simultaneously clearly showed his knee down and the ball a good 6-8" short of the goal line.) The officiating (Blatant PI on %90 of passes never called) and replay have become a complete joke!

Sex sells, and Vegas loves them some points, so I guess that's where we're at now. 

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