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Chris Godwin 2020 Outlook

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I was concerned about his usage the minute I drafted him and haven't seen anything to alleviate it.

Targets through 6 weeks:

WRs: 103

TEs: 60 (2nd highest in the league)

RBs: 55 (t4 in the league)

The tight end position used to be an afterthought in this offense (they had roughly half of those targets by this time last season) and the RBs are on pace to obliterate their target totals from the past few years. The receivers have been banged up, but I see this trend continuing.

We knew Brady would feed more mouths than Jameis did but I wasn't expecting a top-5 defense and for Rojo to breakout like he has. Brady's not concerned with setting any records at this point of his career either. He'll ride a good defense and handoff to Rojo and Fournette 40 times a game if he has to.

If anyone offered me a borderline WR1 or strong WR2 for Godwin I'd smash accept. 

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these tap dances on opponent's injured players rarely end well ... stay classy. 

How about this finger Godwin!!!!???????

AB never played a game with Brady at Gillette stadium. He played 1 game with the Patriots, in Miami and then was cut the next week. 

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1 hour ago, BeastOfTheLeast said:

Overreaction central in here lol


I know right.

Let’s give the man atleast 3-4 weeks before jumping to conclusions.

He’s been in and out of the lineup, can’t catch a break.

But I’m a pragmatist and so far not overly ecstatic about the usage. 

This Bucs team just operates very differently this year, on both ends of the ball. 

I highly doubt he pays on his 2nd/3rd round draft capital most of us paid. 

A high end WR2 .. ill be totally content with at this point.

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13 hours ago, dkrocka said:

Let's talk about red zone targets next

Godwin is averaging a good 50% more red zone targets per game than Gronkowski

13 hours ago, dkrocka said:


With that many mouths to feed I dont consider a 1,000-7 stud numbers. Remember when the Patriots had Gronk and Edelman? Name another fantasy relevant patriot wr. I'd rather have have Amari with the red terd throwing to him down 20 points at halftime


It's one thing if your the Minnesota Vikings a couple years ago with Thilen and Diggs. But Brady and Gronk are high school sweethearts.


9 hours ago, dkrocka said:

So he's on pace for 1,000 yards and 8 tds IF you extrapolate a sss? I swear someone projected a similar stat line, and while useful, not wr1, not a stud. I think you might of heard 1,000 6/7 from my text

Then why are you worried about a TE on pace for 580 yards, a RB on pace for 224 yards receiving, and a WR on pace for 750 yards taking away looks.

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@TuckAndRolle winston deliberately targeted Evan's and Godwin, even when they weren't open. Brady is in between Winston and Rodgers on target distribution. 


In a weird inverted paradox somewhere: people are telling you to buy amari right now because dem boys will be playing behind all season. They're wrong, same story with Dak, who peppered amari. Yet another 4th round draft choice better than Godwin, red terd or not.


Let me put it this way: Ronald Jones this year has many more touches than Ronald Jones last year. A lot of that is from having a secondary that isn't high school level. The Bucs were outstanding against the rush last year two... A #2WR on a losing Bucs team is worth more than a #2WR on a winning Bucs team... I would offer for Jones even with Fournette looming. And based on perception you could probably get another player if we're going by the I drafted Godwin in the 4th round and he belongs with the likes of Metcalf, Amari, Thielen thoughtcast

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1 minute ago, Panthor said:

Godwin will still have plenty of value, Arians offense can support multiple WRs. all that has happened is the upside that Godwin and Evans as potential high end WR1s is gone, but they will be viable as weekly starters

This is true if Winston was there.

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21 minutes ago, SyNdicateZ said:

This is true if Winston was there.

I miss Winston.  It’s just not the same missing the 400 yards passing with 3 td and 6 ints. You knew no matter what you could get garbage points lol

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It’s going to be rough once AB is up to speed. Godwin will still be good but the upside is lowered.

Bucs have an elite defense. Improving running game and a lot of mouths to feed. Brady and Jones should be trusted moving forward. I think Evans will continue to feast in the red zone too.

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