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Trade Pearson for Gallen? WHIR

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Absolutely. You're gonna get more out of Gallen this season, and the later it starts, the more it favors you. The results of the MLBPA/MLB bargaining should be known soon, and we will have clarity on how minor league service time will be dealt with at that time. Take advantage of this offer now. For some players on competing teams like Dylan Carlson, it could change his value, but a team like the Jays will have no incentive to bring Pearson up this year. So let the other owner make the decision on Pearson next year; he may win rookie of the year and make it easy, but if not, he likely won't be a keeper. This guy may even feel obligated to keep him if its borderline because he traded for him, since people fall in love with players on their roster. Meanwhile you'll know enough on Gallen from 2020 to decide if he's worth keeping, in case something happens to Snell or another pitcher this year.

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This morning's news that MLB will credit a full season of service time does change the calculation here. Didn't really see that coming, was expecting some sort of deal. If anything, I thought the possiblity the season would get turned into a winner-take-all tournament was likelier. Now, the Jays seemingly have no reason to keep him in the minors once the season begins, so if you truly prefer him to Gallen, take a chance and hang onto him. 

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