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Noah Fant 2020 Outlook

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Kelce owners should be banned from posting in all TE threads IMO

League-leading 100% target share this week ... Fant's outlook is trending up!

Hell yes.The TE landscape is dark and full of terrors.

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2 hours ago, johnnyboy8102 said:

How does everyone feel about Fant this week? 

In the first game vs KC Lock targeted Fant/Albert O./Vannette 17 times for 12 catches & 123 Yards. 


I don't feel great about him but I'm going to be forced into starting him. I think that the volume will be there, but as always it's a question of how many passes are actually catchable.

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The targets continue to be there. Really sucks he slipped/made a bad read on that one play; I think he could have taken it 20 yards or so.

I've always believed in the talent but I think there's no real upside here with Lock under center. He doesn't even seem to get that much redzone work.

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25 minutes ago, ST. STEVEN said:

Given the TE landscape, I think he is a solid top 8-10 overall play this week. Panthers are 5th worst in league against the TE (ADJ FPA of +4)...

I think he's top 10 by default. TEs suck this year more than last year especially. I like him too a bunch this week. I end up talking myself into him weekly though lol he's got so much talent and speed. He should be booming more often , lock needs to get it together

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kid can get deep ... looked great on that first play from scrimmage vs the Chiefs, 37 yds, and it possibly could've gone for 6 had the throw been a bit more on time/point. 

only 3/20 after that, tho 

the remaining sched is quite agreeable - but will Lock be?


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4 hours ago, RunCMC said:


Absolutely ! 

Big boy is due for a tuddie no ? 

Matchup is excellent as well.

Panthers are weak vs the TE position. 

I've been saying he's due for like 10 weeks now lol. The due train is gonna explode soon 

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20 minutes ago, FouLLine said:


Do we just keep starting him and hope it pays off in the playoffs? 

I really don't know.

Fant has always been a floor type TE... someone you start thinking he can get you 7-8 points in 0.5 PPR.. 5//50/0 type games.

How many other TEs can confidently give you that? Tough to tell. Certainly not Hurst anymore.


Thoughts on Fant going forward?

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Forever hurt bum. Lates to this cat ... never again 

Sutton injured early season ... nothing ... Big O ( TE ) goes down .... nothing.

Been a headache year round. Over glorified athlete 

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