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Short Season Fantasy Strategy

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Strategy? I don’t even remember who’s on my team.😂

This will be the one year MLB can get away with changing a ton of rules and the old school traditionalists won't complain. Some guys that will get a boost with a DH in NL: Mets: JD Davis / D

My short season strategy is to prepare for the 2021 season

I find myself having to do a snake draft this year.  I usually stick to Auction.  I have mocked from a lot of key drafting spots, 1,2,6,9,12 so far to see what it was like.

I found I did not like going early in the draft.  Anyone else think it's not a good year for an earl round pick? it used to be Trout + anyone was a better combo than 2 mid round picks.  

Acuna and Yelich are good enough, though I'm kinda worried about how much running Yelich is going to do. It's that tier from positions 23-24.  Its loaded with high risk and high reward assets and nothing safe and too super sexy.

The hitters around 24 are guys like Harper Springer Altuve Devers Torres Alonso.  

Altuve stopped running so you have no multi category studs. Alonso is pure power but not much for avg and speed.  Springer a bit injury risky. Harper has upside but doesn't offer much avg and maybe just a bit of steals.  Devers gives you avg and power but in a depleted lineup, no multi year track record and there is so much depth at 3B this year.

Of course you could grab a non elite but still very good pitcher with Clevinger and Bieber available here.

I would prefer to grab an Arenado and a JD Martinez or a Tatis JR from 2 mid round picks.  First time in a while I am hoping not to go first in a snake draft.

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I have a $250 NFBC Online Championship tonight, was picking 8th was hoping for Trea Turner but with the Soto news maybe Trea could get sick, also Soto now likely removes one of my potential targets I had at pick 17.

Anyways you've heard of zero RB??? I'm considering going zero hitting to an extent. If a pitcher gets sick or hurt no one really benefits but if a hitter gets sick or hurt at least 1 hitter benefits but possibly others by getting a better spot in the batting order. Also with the new DH in the NL the # of bats available on the wire is higher then normal. Who knows what I'll do but this wacky idea just came to me.

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