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Should trades be on lockdown right now?

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Just wondering where everyone stands on making trades right now. I understand some people are just looking for something to do with their team while awaiting the start of the season. If you suffered any injury recently, or had a need to address from the draft, I get trying to negotiate with some impatient owners. That being said, I feel alot of negotiating right now is counterproductive, to put it nicely.

Particularly in the case of these keeper leagues and young players-there is more to consider than ever and the lack of clarity with regards to how young players will be handled this season and next makes certain trades an unnecessary risk. B/c we know they will get their full year of service time if on the opening day roster, I presume no rookie who does not have a Luis Robert-type contract will be kept down. That might be a significant amount of the season and into next year as well.

The other issue is being too panicky; its still the preseason, so making major moves at this point can backfire in a major way. There is still an extended spring training to get through, and the schedule itself WILL change the landscape. A more condensed schedule and expanded rosters will add value to many players and subtract from many others. The depth and quality of the major league teams at a position is more important than ever in evaluating a fantasy player; if they were a likely platoon mate, they surely lose value, or a lead member of a deep pitching staff will be asked to do less than before. 

I think fantasy leagues should follow the Major leagues as much as possible in determining how issues are handled in coming months. As such, the current transaction freeze should probably be applied in most leagues until the schedule is released. There's nothing to stop a team that lost say a Noah Syndergaard from having a trade in place once the moratorium is lifted. At the same time, if the trade involves Trevor Bauer in return and he stubs his toe at a sandlot baseball game during the lockdown, the deal can be cancelled. This is just one of a million scenarios that could go badly right now. Its a tough thing because you want to keep people interested in fantasy now, but realize there will be some people who are bitter after the end result of the season no matter what. Freezing trades avoid any problems. Leagues can formulate and reinforce trade etiquette rules in the meantime. 

Smart owners can still lay the groundwork for trades and continue to research the strength of their CURRENT roster for potential improvements. They will gain as much by waiting on the announcement of the season as anyone, knowing for sure how player values are effected. Those arguing against a freeze in trade are the same people who want to send everyone back to work too soon! Ok lol maybe not...but if you don't see the direct relation to this and the current COVID-19 situation, you're missing the big picture. 

Just as we everyone needs to take a step back, even though you may lose some personal satisfaction, everyone is dealing with the same thing. Putting things on pause is the best way to fight the virus, and in fantasy, it might be the best way to keep everyone involved in the long run. 

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Nah man can't be policing people like this, especially in keeper or dynasty leagues. They have a right to manage their teams as they see fit. People are aware of what's going on and how it may affect players/fantasy so I don't see the problem if they wanna deal.

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I don't know, it's kind of like the toilet paper paradox. Once one idiot sees a bad trade, others will follow in panic buying.😄 In times like these, perhaps we do need to protect the weakest among us. 🙃

Just wanted a few opinions, for the league I am commissioner in. There haven't been any deals since the draft last wek, so I simply decided to post a thread on the message board regarding trades. I'm allowing them but under additional scrutiny, and requiring managers to update their trading blocks and post players up for sale. I think it's a reasonable compromise under the current circumstance.


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(Assuming your question pertains to a more competitively constructed platform) 


The most valuable aspect of a great league is the sum of its parts; which in translation is the composition of owners.   LM is responsible to flesh prospective members, and based on the desired environment/culture, assign ownership accordingly.   


Tabling roster mobility doesn't offer a long term solution to the true dilemma, which is your reservations over (weaker) owners within your peer group.  


In trying to babysit the "weak" your indirectly going to deter your quality owners in the process, from a competitive, engagement, & activity perspective.  An indefinite moratorium temporarily masks what will eventually bubble to surface, which is the separation amongst the "good" and "not-so-good".


Rather than taking measures to protect or save weaker owners from themselves, taking greater vetting measures will organically mitigate these pain points.  


Kinda have to reap what you sow if electively mix weak and strong owners within the same environment.  


I'm a proponent of allowing strategic independency.  Some may take a conservative approaching during these times of uncertainty  (which is perfectly "ok"),  however there shouldn't be penalties or limitations for those that wish to capitalize on current buying opportunities.  In addition, owners may also have greater bandwidth to engage with peers,  based on travel restrictions.  


Provides an enjoyable recreational outlet, which is illustrated within this forum.  


If you did a good job choosing your members....then trust that your group won't disrupt the competitive balance or hinder the league integrity.  


As an owner, would heavily be opposed to a league-wide indefinate trade moratorium :)      

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I have a few keeper league and already completed a few drafts already. With most of us stuck inside due to being quarantined and no date set for MLB to be back. let the trades flow!!!!!! Most the time they turn out to be nothing more than talks, but it passes the time. 


Please help


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