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Naismith Memorial Basketball HOF 2020 Kobe, Duncan, KG


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Black Mamba

Big Fundamental

Big Ticket 

In my opinion, the greatest HOF class. Or I would call them 1A. 

2009 - Jordan, Stockton, David Robinson. 1B. 

Thanks for all the memories and moments that every time we sit around drinking and talking about basketball we would bring them up. Memories and moments that I would tell my kids someday when we watch basketball together. 

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4 hours ago, Trench Mob said:


Duncan for me. Didn't even gave it a second thought. The way he makes all them shots using the glass gets me everytime when I was little.


I feel like KG has a more diverse skill set and would fit better in today's game than Tim would; but damn, Duncan just finds a way to always win while quietly dominating the game and making all the right plays down the stretch of clutch games. 

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I don’t have to directly answer that question for you to know who I would pick between the two. 

But I remember watching KG in his Minny days. One particular moment stood out right away. I remember KG would scored a basket, and would pick up the opponent PG at midcourt, slapping at the floor saying come and get it, and would be able to switch over to the 4 and 5 and would hold his own. Those are the memories and moments that make me love this game forever and would always be a part of the conversations that I’d have with friends about basketball. 

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The number 3 would be easily number 1 if the results of that game would have been different. Miraculous shot over prime Shaq. Oh and LMFAO at the game ending with the scores of 74s.


And I would personally put number 2 at number 1. He didn’t take a 3s all season, and Pop still drew up a play for him to take a 3 in the biggest moment of the season. And he DRILLED it. I remember jumped up and down and losing my mind and spilled a bunch of stuffs on my friend’s carpet that we still talk about today every time we hang out at his living room. 

Man, I miss the Big Fundamental. 

Not a surprise that I remember all the defensive plays. Such a beast with his thin and lengthy frame. 

Man, I miss the Big Ticket. 


No words needed. It is still so hard to watch Kobe highlights and talk about him in the past tense. 

Man, I miss you Black Mamba. 

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