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I've played in numerous dynasty leagues in all 4 sports for the past 12-13 years. Still in a very strong dynasty football league that just completed year 12 so I have seen first hand what it takes to run a successful dynasty league. I have run leagues in the past so this isn't new territory for me by any means.

The league will be 16 teams and through Yahoo! - There is no money involved.

The draft will be offline, either through a chat or a forum. The plan is to keep it simple and not have anyone signing up for a bunch of sites/applications. After the draft everything will be run through Yahoo with no other sites/applications needed.

The plan is to begin the draft once I have 16 managers in place. Further rules and guidelines for the draft will be released after that, such as time per pick, etc. 

There will also be a second draft for rookies that will take place after the NFL draft and likely on the yahoo msg board once football is open up on Yahoo! Once again, further rules and guidelines for this draft will be released later, such as how many rounds, etc.


Some differences between a normal league:

1 - No Team DEF. Instead we will run with IDPs. It will likely be 8 IDP slots. I haven't decided yet if I would run a separate draft for just defensive players or make it all one draft. This is something that could be discussed once the league is filled. Some play in leagues with both Team DEF and IDPs, but I feel by moving it to a number like 8 it would put enough of an emphasis on DEF to ignore Team DEF.

2 - FAAB. I'm sure several that read this have played in a league with FAAB. I'm not a fan of this for baseball or basketball but have had a growing interest in seeing it implemented in this fantasy football league.


League setup will be:

QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, W/R/T, W/R/T, K, D, D, D, D, D, D, D, D with 5-7 BN slots

(still trying to figure out the appropriate # of bench slots with the increased IDP and league size) 



Finally, I will not be just accepting the first people that post their email and say "I'm in". I already have several long time managers that have proven their dedication to a dynasty league and am looking to fill in the remaining slots with managers with proven backgrounds. The best way to apply for the league is to email me at corey_rideout2000@yahoo.com.

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