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Cooper Kupp 2020 Outlook

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1 hour ago, ajs723 said:

Name another WR3 who has ever gotten over 20 targets in a game. Solid WR2 at worst.

Agreed. He's not gonna do what he did last year but WR3s don't get that type of attention. He's a solid to low-end WR2. 

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Drop. City

No he didn't. He said that he would rather have Kupp on his dynasty fantasy roster, while saying nothing about one player being better than the other. You're putting a lot of words into peoples'

Man I've been looking all over the goddamn internet and finally found the Julio Jones thread. Would be nice if the mods fixed the title though

On 11/3/2020 at 9:44 AM, leebattle said:

He's a WR3 on a team that likes to spread it around but has also moved to ball control the last 1.5 years. More TEs and double TEs means Cupp is on the sidelines.

He's a solid filler for byes and injuries. But falls into that can't trust weekly area.

WR22 in .5ppr

There's not much reason to predict any changes to his usage, so he'll be in that WR20-25 range, which is a WR2 in most leagues.

Depending on who else you have, sure maybe there are some weeks you don't play him.  But he's a solid play in games where their D doesn't dominate.

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15 minutes ago, ajs723 said:

Unless he's hurt, he's a top ten PPR WR this week. Do not leave him on your bench against Seattle's secondary. 


And Seattle in Week 16....  Kupp owners will be glad they stuck with him through his early less than expected production.

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4 hours ago, Sternes said:

Was there even a wrist injury? 

100%, landed really hard on it, grimacing, returned to game. Fantasy doctors had some concern.

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Sean McVay says WR Cooper Kupp will be limited in practice today and that they’re being careful with him. McVay says Kupp got banged up all over in Miami in Week 8, but that he anticipates him to be available this week.


Welp, really banged up, but somewhat promising.

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7 minutes ago, DrRazvi said:

So how do we feel about Kupp moving forward with Reynolds getting more and more involved? 

Will there be enough targets to go around to keep him relevant? 



It isn't a great sign.  But I think a lot of it had to do with Kupp's wrist / oblique injury.  If Kupp is 100% he should be seeing more targets and making more receptions than last week.

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3 hours ago, Gandalfthecat said:

No is saying it but...Kupp kinda stinks this year. If not "stink", certainly overrated. 


I want no part of this sh1tshow on Monday night. Benching him until I see some life. 

+ bad matchup & Josh Reynolds emerging is no bueno 

Kupp hasn't had a touchdown since Week 4 . Crazy 

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