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Extremely Active 2-Team Opportunity w/GroupMe

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Afternoon All,


Hope you're surviving the quarantine - if you're like myself and those in our leagues you're bored as hell and could certainly be enticed to engage in sports debates and trash talk with a group of folks similar.  The activity in our leagues certainly isn't specific to the circumstances we're currently amidst, rather, our leagues are active year round (baseball, football, basketbal).  As a group we keep the discussions flowing, the trade talks moving and the banter at it's peak.  This most recent opportunity is being presented as a 2-team opportunity as the owner being replaced was a member of both our dynasty league as well as our 5-keeper points league.  The highlight pieces are:

Dynasty - Harper, Contreras, Tim A., Kingery, Chavis

Points - Arenado, Baez, Bryant, Benintendi, Sale, Hoskins


I'd get into more of the details specific to the teams but chances are if you're joining our league you're going to start trading immediately and to that end you're going to move around pieces as you've inherited them.  To be completely transparent, I likely won't check this thread for interest, and rather would prefer you to email me directly should you feel you're an ideal fit.  I'll check here every day or so but will be more responsive at c2cfantasysports @ gmail.com (those are spaced to avoid spam).


Be well,


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