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Mixon is easily a Top 5/10 RB talent wise, however, he’s on a terrible team, with a terrible OL, with terrible clueless coaches in a terrible organization that don’t know wtf they’re doing.   

This dude is gonna shut up ALL the haters this week with a phenomenal matchup on tap...watch.     bold prediction: 14 carries, 64 yards rushing, 3 receptions for 23 yards.  BOOK IT

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28 minutes ago, KennyWoo said:

The Bengals are 2-6-1.  Why would they bring Mixon back?  Anyone remember the David Johnson injury a few years ago?  Everyone deluded themselves into thinking the far-out-of-it Cardinals might bring him back in time for the fantasy playoffs.  Often that's just wishful thinking.  

by that logic ekeler shouldnt be coming back but apparently hes already practicing to play so

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18 minutes ago, GreenBaySlacker said:

What are yall doing with him? Really considering trying to trade him away before it's too late

i'm not sure if he even has trade value at this point.. unless its to a first place team who can go without starting him i dont see anyone accepting trades for him in my league

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36 minutes ago, JEREMY LIN said:

did they do this same with AJ Green last year? can't remember the exact details..

Last year was AJ's walk year - and CIN refused to renegotiate, so he chose not to play. Then they tendered him, if you can believe it. To do nothing. 

So I'll put it like this: Mixon just hopes he gets the same as AJ Green.

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