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Hey all! I am starting a free 10 team dynasty league on ESPN. We need 5 more people and will set a draft date once we are full (live snake draft, draft order will be random).


  • Standard 5x5 head-to-head each category
  • 30 player roster
    • 10 batters (C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3 OF’s and 2 UTIL)
    • 10 pitchers (2 P, 5 SP, and 3 RP)
    • 10 bench spots (5 IL slots)
  • 15 keepers for next year (No more than 10 pros and at least 5 have to be prospects)


Everything else is pretty much basic, the only thing required is that you draft/keep at least 5 prospects on your roster at all times.


Wanting to run this league for awhile and potentially turn it in to a money league in future years. My co-commissioner and I will be lenient this year since we are just starting, but are hoping owners will be active and competitive. Click the link below to see all of the league info and/or join.



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I am fairly new to being a LM/commissioner so I forgot that there's a technical difference in the names of those types of leagues. So yes, you are correct, it is more like a keeper league. I am adjusting as I learn more and get experience being a commissioner, so thank you for the input. 

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