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Clyde Edwards-Helaire 2020 Outlook

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23 minutes ago, gbill2004 said:

To take some of his touches yes


If history on this forum proves anything, gbill2004 is going to avoid this thread for the rest of the season lmao.


PERFECT contrarian indicator. Anyone he hates, you're probably in great hands. 

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1 hour ago, jstep13 said:

sell low while you still can 


6 minutes ago, jstep13 said:

buy high while you still can 




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38 minutes ago, Trifecta said:

Player threads used to lock during games. It's going to be awfully cluttered and knee jerky this year in these threads.

Everything should be in the game thread during games, good people of the forums! 


16 minutes ago, Proteus said:

So we’re allowed to just gangbang player threads during games this year?



They know the fing rules... 

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On 9/6/2020 at 4:54 PM, mulhollandvelvet said:

I’m not a hater I just don’t think the workload and talent equal first rounder. Quote me after week 1 when he has less than 10 points. 

Sup bro

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2 hours ago, gbill2004 said:

CEH looks pretty meh. I'd be vomiting right now if he was my first round pick in fantasy. 

I drafted him in the first.  Someone is vomiting right now.  That person is my league mates, vomiting money in my willing lap.

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3 minutes ago, MidnightExpress said:

Getting greedy. Dying for the second TD.


This dude could have had 3 TDs tonight


Feeling pretty damn confident

Fire tonight. He probably should’ve had a second for sure.

At the moment, his game looks strong. He will have to preform better inside the 5, but that line needs to man up. The only 2 balls thrown to him were poorly timed/placed so we don’t know his true potential in open space yet. He very well could’ve had 3 catches for 40/1.

Solid low runner with good feet. Powerful when he can get his head down. Stay off the injury report and he will be putting up numbers like this weekly. 

Unless he pops up on injury report, see ya next week. 

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