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Joe Burrow 2020 Outlook

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And I say that as a dyed-in-the-wool LSU fan who thinks a statue of Burrow should be built outside of Tiger Stadium and who thinks No9 should be retired at LSU. Lol. In fact, the wallpaper on both my

The guy with 3 rings in the past 5 years laughs at this and burrow is plenty mobile

People don’t even give his rushing ability any credit. Had a friend tell me Tua was the far superior scrambler and runner over Burrow which is just false. Burrow moves in the pocket better than Tua. B

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12 minutes ago, ST. STEVEN said:

Way to go Bungles. You hit the QB lotto and surrounded him with awful, completely subpar line.

This is why bad teams stay bad.

lot of bengals fans had predicted this sort of thing would happen to burrow. Too much pressure and hits would eventually lead to an injury

but let's not act like Cincy is the only team that does it. 

Colts? Texans? Texans with Carr and still havent gotten Deshaun Watson a decent line

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^^^^ --- that's horrible news. Feel bad for the guy. Just wish Miami had drafted him with the better OL, running game and D. I hope he comes back and can play again, but this is almost a Joe Theismann career over type injury. 

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