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Jonathan Taylor 2020 Outlook

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5 hours ago, dontclapGonorrhea said:

Right now I feel as If I am Rocky driving in my vehicle after Apollo Creed died. There is no easy way out, but I am starting him.

That’s gold! 

 Flashbacks of the fumble instead of Drago’s face 

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I want you y'all to know three things are certain this week: 1. me pounding beers. 2. me pounding my wife. 3. Nyheim Hines pounding the ball.

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1 minute ago, smeeze said:

I have a pet goldfish


sorry I thought were just throwing out things that don’t matter

That goldfish matters - deeply.  Colts win now.

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2 minutes ago, buckets88 said:

He started but all the three RBs are getting work. Hines looks the best unfortunately but they just need to give Taylor more opportunities. Wilkins needs to sit.

I thought Taylor looked pretty good. Hines has huge holes. Taylor was making something out of nothing after getting smacked in the backfield. What a frustrating rotation.

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Just now, buckets88 said:

Anyone here in a keeper league? How do you feel?


In Dynasty he's a hold, but I have him in my keeper league and he's not being kept unless he morphs into the stud we thought he was. (He wont)

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2 minutes ago, Evincar said:


I dont agree with that, it literally is a hot hand RBBC. We ignored the coach speak from the moment Taylor was drafted.

When’s the last time Taylor’s hand has been hot?  He played well the first series then only saw the field again a few times the rest of the game.


The offense works better with Hines.

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