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Cam Akers 2020 Outlook

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Dropping him 3 weeks ago after holding all season is going to haunt me.

Akers takeover definitely did not happen this week.  

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Yeah I wouldn't worry about the Jets defense.  After that Raiders loss that team has checked out for the season.  The players had their only win of the season ripped away by Gregg Williams and I doubt there's any motivation to play hard these last few weeks.  

The Jets haven't really played a tough RB schedule, and yet they still give up the 10th most PPR points per game to RBs.  I imagine 10 PPR points is the absolute floor this week baring injury.  Ceiling probably in the 30s.  You bet that range of outcomes will be in my line-up this week.  

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Foot injury played a huge role outside of the terrible game. He also had a 25 yard TD called back on a hold, and another 25 yard run on a backside clipping call. Woulda, coulda, shoulda.. but two penalties away from limping into 120+ and a toudy

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20 rb touches for the Rams yesterday -

Greeny handled 16 of them ... now, i'm no mathematician, but - that's 80%.

he was the workhorse, even with the gimpy ankle ... those negated runs sourced above were daggers, man ... straight effin' daggers. 

but he got the work, Hendu and Brown were useless. the trust was warranted. 

and if anyone says they saw this gamescript coming, well - pucker up, buttahcup. 

hope you got through, fellas and ladies (and those of varying variance) - file this under "McVay stymied by the genius of Adam Gase!"


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This was a classic NFL "sandwich" game. The Rams had an important game last week against Belichick (Super Bowl rematch) and  have a massive game next week against the Seahawks.  They looked ahead to the Seahawks and forgot there was a game this week.  The proof is that the league's #1 pass defense allowed Darnold's best game of the season.  He was darn near perfect in the first half.

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