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Antonio Gibson 2020 Outlook

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3 hours ago, zorndogs said:

There's exceptions to every rule. Scary Terry is like Scott Steiner, he's a genetic freak and he's not normal. He's still not living up to his full potential on this kind of turf though. I worry about him too. This is a continuing problem with the skins. Hopefully Gibson returns soon but that looked like severe pain. At the least we know now that he's a decent human being and an above average NFL RB, those are facts, I like him.

Scott Steiner....love the comparison 👍

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Man do I LOVE this thread... these posters come in weekly to try and throw water on Gibson then immediately get embarrassed the following week. See you around 8 tonight, get ready to eat. 

Listen, I'm going to have to agree with the "realists" in here. Take away all three of his touchowns, his 7 targets, 5 receptions, and his four longest runs and he is JAG. Not really seeing anything s

I see the "realists" are putting on the full court press ahead of this game against Pittsburgh. I saw the same EXACT narrative for James Robinson last week who (by the way) bowling balled his way to 1

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6 hours ago, pastorofmuppets2 said:


yep, file under "water is wet" 

i never knew of a turf toe injury that was pleasant 😄


Obviously it's never pleasant. But some guys can gut it out depending on severity. I think this is a good indicator that he's not going to be out there this week. I doubt he says this if it's a toss-up. But then again, it's pretty safe wording if he does gut it out. For someone playing him this week in a first round playoff, it's a bright spot! 

They haven't put him on IR though with 3 games left, so if you can make it through 14 to the playoffs (or in your playoffs depending on the league) it does seem to be somewhat positive. And now that I said this he's sure to feel better Thursday and ruin my week 🤣

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Should we expect to find out what grade the sprain is? I guess we can rule out grade 3, as that would put him on IR. But I'd like to know if it's 1 or 2.

If 1, we can maybe expect him back week 15.

If 2, week 16 at best. 

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My suspicion is that if he's back at all in 2020, it will be in week 17 if WFT finds itself in a win-and-you're-in situation. Otherwise, I think we've seen the last of GIbson this season. I'm not doc, but I do know that turf toe is a serious injury, and it didn't look good Monday afternoon. So imho, unless you're league plays in week 17, I'd just figure on him being out. Even if he comes back for week 16, it's doubtful that he's 100 percent. 

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Ron Rivera on Antonio Gibson's turf toe: "It is concerning, and we'll see how it plays out the next two days. ... We're hoping for the best. He had a couple of good days with a trainer, so we'll see how he is tomorrow."

This was December 10th. Sounds almost day to dayish. I’m no doctor though. So...

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Just now, MingusDew said:


Generally 2-4 week recovery time I think. Would be shocked if he suits up this week.


This. Frankly, I'd be shocked to see him again this year unless they try to run him out there week 17. Even then, I don't imagine that he'll be very effective. 


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1 minute ago, Fried Pork Grind said:

Doesn't turf toe usually take weeks to heel? 

Anywhere between days and years.


I wish I was kidding too. They haven't put him on IR, but on the other hand, he hasn't practiced yet... 

In all honesty, as a Dynasty/keeper owner, I hope they give him time to heal. 

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