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Zack Moss 2020 Outlook

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1 hour ago, mulhollandvelvet said:

Because he’s not that good. 


I mean, maybe. Also Buffalo being super pass happy with not a ton of rushing attempts while giving a 60/40 split in Singletary's favor. Buffalo was a big-play offense yesterday, there weren't a lot of traditional redzone looks where Moss would hypothetically be used. 

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I heard the Bills are re-designing their playbook exclusively for Lamar Miller?

Waiver wire ?!  In what world is Moss on the waivers. No chance unless you play in a 6 team league. 

When you leave and they don't sign you, it means you didn't get signed. They don't wait around.

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2 hours ago, HeHateMe23 said:

Looks alot more pass heavy this year, it seems they really took the reigns off Allen and now he is chucking down field a lot more for big plays to Diggs and others.


Yeah seems like it + Allen vulturing those TD's in the redzone. Not good

I won't be starting Moss for awhile, until I see more usage. Clearly way too touchdown dependent to have a decent game. 

10 carries a game and minimal pass work just ain't gonna cut it for a rookie RB. 

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9 hours ago, daethfromabove1979 said:


Why are people trying to convince themselves that Moss is the starter? News flash, Devin Singletary is getting more action and he still looks very solid, just like last year. Moss looks good too but he's just never going to get a lot of touches, especially with how the run everything through Josh Allen.

agreed, watching the past 2 games Moss really doesn't pop off the screen, like at all. Singletary looks better.

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7 minutes ago, gbill2004 said:

Patience my friend. He's a rookie. 

There’s rookies and rookies though. Looks like we didn’t have to wait for JRob. Looks like Gibson is nearly ready. Looks like Dobbins will have to wait a few weeks. It just feels like we might have to wait a year or so for Moss.

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even without the toe injury he was droppable for some of the better WW RBs in robinson, mckinnon, gaskins.


Moss isn't taking over the backfield any time soon, Allen is passing more than we thought and can run the ball in himself. If there are better options on the WW for WR and RB with the injuries pilling up i'd definitely do it. I already missed out on James Robinson so has a backfield to himself while holding on to a TD backup who needs singletary injured in order to have decent value. I'm going after gaskin on the wire right now for him

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