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Justin Herbert 2020 Outlook

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20 hours ago, Gootz said:

This bears repeating. You hit the nail on the head 100%. It's a shame because there is enough surrounding talent that could be utilized much better. If Herbert remains healthy, he will have an incredible NFL career. For reference, this is coming from someone with no fandom of the Chargers.


Not a Charger fan here either, but if the Chargers can get some competent coaching, get key players healthy, and draft well next year then they should be one of the top 3-4 teams in the AFC.  They've had this internal losing culture forever though.  They need a strong confident coach to hold everyone accountable.

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Yeah I am pretty concerned too. Herbert has only faced 1 tough defense so far and that was Tampa's. Kid was totally destroyed by them... 190 passing yards, 0 td 2 int... Wait. What's that? T

James Robinson says hold my beer

Remember Lynn probably would not even have played this kid if Tyrod Taylor's lung had not been punctured by a pre-game injection.

I think Lynn is a good motivator and rah-rah guy and I have been impressed with some of their defensive performances this year.  But his decision-making in close games is atrocious.

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Evidently, the Bills play caller is the favorite. If that turns out to be true I think this means good things for Herbert and his development. He evidently has been great with Josh Allen in Buffalo. 

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This could be quite the addition for Herbert. Brace yourself, I actually like Herbert better as a passer than I do Josh Allen based on what I’ve seen so far. This could be very interesting. 

On a side note I was very surprised Buff/Draboll  didn’t design many Josh shotgun draws last night. 


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So, yesterday it was Daboll, now its Staley.   Guessing Staley really blew them away?   I think you can argue that the whole Daboll accelerated a young QB along the learning curve might actually be less crucial here:  Herbert looked pretty damn good and might not need a guru.  Hire the right OC and you're probably scoring points just fine anyways, while maybe you picked the better leader

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