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Tee Higgins 2020 Outlook

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Sooo does that salty aj green owner show his face in our thread again or is that the last time we hear from him 😂

C’mon.  AJ is a ‘92 Honda Accord.  And not a DX.  He’s an EX, with the leather, high end trim package, rims, sunroof, 6 disc changer.  240,000 miles and two hailstorms ago he was a sweet ride.  But sa

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Thought about benching him, but saw even against better D's like BAL and IND he had 4 for 62 and 6 for 125 respectively, and CIN would likely be behind all game, which they were, I figured he could at least match the 4 for 62 output, and I'd have been fine with that, but he def surpassed my expectations! 

ROS looks decent too, WSH/NYG(would Bradberry be on him all game?)/MIA/DAL/PIT/HOU(and BAL week 17 if you go that far)

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I haven't benched him for weeks (other than the bye)! He's going to end this season as a WR1 in PPR. I actually gave up Woods instead of him in a trade a few weeks ago because of his volume and how he's been trending and don't regret it.

I think 5/60 is his floor and it is trending upward. I'll take that every week in PPR, especially off the wire, but he has major upside each week and it looks like Burrow is looking for him more and more. 

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34 minutes ago, rv23 said:

Match up proof at this pt? WST has a great pass D

Marvin Jones and Stafford had great games vs Washington.  Cinci will surely pass even more than Detroit did.  I'm not concerned about Higgins this week.

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I have concerns, yes.  But I actually have more concerns with AJ Brown.  Higgins gets targets--as long as he gets targets he will have a rather safe floor.  AJ Brown is amazing, but unlike Higgins the volume isn't always there.

Higgins has been getting 7-9 targets since week 2 except for 6 in week 2 and 5 in week 7.  He pulls in a little over 60% of those targets.  Since week 4 he has been averaging 16.5 yards per reception.

His ceiling isn't that high (he has yet to break 16 pts in non-ppr), but has a rock solid floor as he has been very consistent  Scoring in double digits 4 out of the last 8 weeks and his worst game was 6.2 points.

Indianapolis has a decent defense (7th against passing) and he had a 6/125 line for 12.7 points.  To be fair, his worst game since week 3 was against the 4th ranked defense against passing--Baltimore where he score the aforementioned 6.2 points.  I think that this is pretty much his floor.

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On paper Washington might look tough but they haven't played anyone.

The only WRs they've played that are worth anything:

Hopkins - 8-68-1

Robert Woods - 4-71-1

Cooper Kupp - 5-66

Marvin Jones - 8-96-1

They've had games against Philly, Dallas, Giants (X2), Cowboys (w/out Dak), Baltimore that have inflated their WR defense.  I would put the Bengals offense over all of these from a passing stand point.  

Washington still has to play Cincy, Pitt, Carolina and Seattle this year.  I'll be impressed if they're still considered a difficult matchup for WRs by year-end.  


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