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Laviska Shenault 2020 Outlook

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I don't own Shenault but figured I would pass this along to you guys from Gruden's press conference today regarding him:   Gruden on Shenault, who had five receptions for 86 yards against the B

Starting a rookie Jaguars "gadget" WR on Thursday Night Football so I can either crow or vent about it after is why I play fantasy football.

higher than zero chance? Lol thanks Nostradamus 

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Disappointing. Minshew didn't look so hot though. Wish he would have gotten Shenault the ball more. There were a few times it looked like Shenault would have been the go-to but then Minshew scrambled, only to get sack/run the ball for 2 yards. Gruden/Marrone also took Shenault off the field during a lot of 4 wide receiver sets in the second half.

Also surprising to see only one carry.

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1 minute ago, Jordan23 said:

I was figuring on them running some scripted gadget plays for him but he really was an afterthought even with chark out

Yeah and how many of us wouldn't even have started him had Chark not been out?

Really disappointing they didn't try to get him more involved with designed plays. Even more disappointing he completely disappeared from their offense with them trailing the whole 2nd half.

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1 minute ago, JaylenBrownFanclub said:

I thought he actually looked pretty impressive, minshew just didnt get much going. Holding for sure

I follow targets/touches in fantasy. They just don't seem to be there. He got 7 tonight(6 targets, 1 carry). Even if he'd gotten the 3-4 carries people were hoping for he's only at 10-11. The targets were really spread out amongst a bunch of receivers, and Chark wasn't even playing. To make matters worse he looks a little slow, so I'm guessing most of his targets are going to be the short variety resulting in a lot of 5-33 receiving lines like tonight. Are we just praying for a TD to punch him into double digits? I just don't really see the upside. 

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