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Raheem Mostert 2020 Outlook

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Debateable.  Every week they have projected points for Hollywood Brown.

Raheem Most Hurt

Or Most hurt. Depends how you wanna look at it    

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I said he'll finish as a top 5 rb in this thread earlier and was basically laughed at.  Because of his missed games and perhaps Shanahan's coaching, he probably won't.  But he might!  Watching him with your eyes and you see he's maybe the best back in the league right now.  He's fast, sure.  He also puts a punishing on defenses that perhaps only Henry does currently.  He hits the pile with a bang and it moves. If Shanahan would come off his ways just alittle, Mostert would dominate this year. The tape will tell the tale, and at least we know they watch the tape...



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On talent alone, easily a top 12 guy. He's never done anything but produce at an elite level when given the chance.

I'm a little concerned about game scripts for them, since they clearly aren't the team they were expected to be. They should be crafting their game plans like MIN and CLE - rely on the run game and hide the QB, which they mostly did last year. Problem is that the D has been decimated by injuries, so that formula could be tough to execute. All things considered, I view him as a high-end RB2 with RB1 upside.

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I don't even worry as much about Mostert and the amount of touches, because whenever that dude get's the ball he just ******** glides like 5 yards a step. Dude's a freaking gazelle. He can do more with 10 touches than most can do with 20.

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They are going to run the hell out of the ball Sunday.

Shanahan has to win this game. And god knows he wants to keep that LAR pass rush with Donald off of shell shocked Jimmy G.

And throwing against the LAR secondary is difficult. Rush D...middling.

Mostert is going to get the rock big time. 

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The Rams defense has struggled tremendously against the run.  They’ve played the NFL’s easiest schedule of rushing offenses, with the Eagles, Bills and Giants all ranking bottom-10, and the only above average rushing attack faced being the Cowboys.  And yet the Rams rank #24 against the run. 



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55 minutes ago, Fried Pork Grind said:

I think he’s a buy low 


Definitely if it's not a high ankle... if it's a high ankle sprain, his season is nearly done. Worrying to me that he tried to come back, but it was too painful and ended up limping. Most of the time these guys can play through lateral ankle sprains with some tape, especially because it's not going to swell up till later. The fact that he was in a lot of pain and limping fairly quickly afterwards makes me think high ankle.

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