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Taysom Hill 2020 Outlook


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[ As mentioned previously, Hill's TE eligibility is a league/platform-specific issue that needs to be discussed in either the Commissioner's Corner or Platform Central thread.  Believe it or not, there are people who just want to discuss his fantasy outlook without arguing about which positional eligibility is correct.  Please help us out here and take those discussions elsewhere. ]

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Looking at his preseason play, where he played as QB, he reminds me of Steve McNair.  McNair mainly threw to open receivers, which is how Hill played so far, and if he did not like what he saw, he took off versus wasting a down/risking a sack/risky an interception, keeping drives going - that is how Hill ran in those preseason games where he was playing QB. 

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18 minutes ago, GottaGetTheWin said:

Nor should they.  I only play Yahoo so I have no skin in the game either way regarding that but I think it's a joke he has TE eligibility.  

 But hey...good for those able to take advantage. 


Actually, they should because they contradict themselves in their dumb answer.

"Based on player's past participation"...Right, and his past participation includes snaps at TE. Add to the list of why Yahoo is the worst of the fantasy platforms out there. Whether you agree with the outcome is a different story, their reasoning for things make literally no sense. With Yahoo, there is a lot that is decided at random.


I have no skin in the game either but I do hope he balls out and those who got him are rewarded for it.

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18 minutes ago, beerfish said:

Can anyone name a time when ESPN removed or changed a designation?

I know they have added some before, just never seen it removed/changed.

What about the people who burnt their top waiver or spent their whole budget on Taysom the TE.......they get that back?

I've seen it happen numerous times for defensive players in IDP leagues. Hoping for that safety to continue playing with CB eligibility. They changed the starting Panthers safety to only safety this season (Jeremy Chinn). It happened to a few NO and Giants DB's as well.

It has probably been a while since it happened to an offensive player, but ESPN does do it.

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On 4/26/2020 at 5:31 PM, Gohawks said:

Your takes in this thread are amongst the most delusional I’ve seen on this forum and that’s saying a lot. I’m genuinely confused how these conclusions are being done to. There’s literally zero indication that he can at all play QB.

You are right Newton isn’t a great passer. However, the gap between Hill and Newton is like the gap between Newton and 2007 Brady. 

Delusional... 😂

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41 minutes ago, Silkk1211 said:

I hope you clarified that with your league before waivers ran or anyone picked him up because everyone had a fair chance to pick him up! Sounds like you’re just bitter you don’t have him.

I play on MFL, so Hill is strictly listed at QB. Really makes me question the quality of any platform that gives him TE eligibility. My previous post was more facetious than it came across, but I do think it's absurd to have a QB playing TE in fantasy lineups, potentially for several weeks. Taysom Hill should not be a league winning TE, that is ludicrous, IMO. 

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On 11/18/2020 at 2:59 PM, FantasyGOAT said:

Why do I feel like everyone is ignoring the fact that Taysom could be the starter and still have Jameis as a backup in case of injury until Brees comes back. Everyone saying they don't want their backup Qb (Taysom) to get hurt, but what if Jameis is that backup? 👀

So many people on here trying to prove so hard that they know more than the next person. Well, you don't. Saw so many ppl bashed for being positive about Taysom. Glad I went with my gut on this one. Massive advantage at the TE spot this week, could easily put up 15-20pts with his rushing and checkdowns to Kamara alone. Excited to watch this game!

Congrats to everyone who saw the bigger picture and took a chance on him. Cost you absolutely nothing besides thinking out of the box with your last bench spot.

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50 minutes ago, GoPackGo23 said:

Any chance ESPN changes him to only a QB? I would be super thrilled if I had him on my team and got to play him at TE, but it also throws a pretty big imbalance into the league when someone gets to start 2 QBs in a 1 QB league.

Next week. They will change it once stats and snap counts actually justify it. 1 week TE rental!

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