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AJ Brown has a message for you fantasy owners:  

He should definitely see a urologist in that case.

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18 minutes ago, vthokie3 said:

Man :( can't believe I'll be rolling out Anthony Miller or Robby A in week 2. Anyone thinking of picking up Davis? Limited himself with a hammy.


Sort of hope they put him on 3 week IR 

he was limited last week too before DEN. Better hop on it if you're gonna get him, he's jumping off wires as news spreads of this 


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2 minutes ago, statrax said:

My team is ravaged by injuries. I’m gonna need to do some dumpster diving because there are no good free agents in my league 😂


I have AJ, Golladay, Kittle, Ruggs and Parker 😂 Really crossing my fingers they just put AJ into the IR today so I can finally pick someone up 

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This hurts for my squad for sure. I can tell there are a lot of people pissed they already drafted this guy, and rightfully so. But I am hoping to send a couple buy low offers in the two leagues I don't have him in after this news sinks in a little. Still definitely believe in the talent, the opportunity seems to be growing, and a bone bruise isn't ideal, but it doesn't scare me at all ROS.  

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The practice reports from the past week or two didn't seem great and he was wearing a band on his knee.  Could have been an issue since then, or aggravated it, or new.  Anyway, yeah, hopefully he's back within a few weeks.  I have him on 4 of 5 teams (cool story) but fortunately this year there is so much WR depth.

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