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Looking for 3 more managers interested in getting a dynasty league rolling. Would do Yahoo, half PPR, 2 QB (superflex) and have a deep bench. Other scoring settings would be basically standard and played players would likely include an extra flex or 2 to match with the extended benches.

It is optimal for Year 1 to be free so that we can define a solid core and then potentially add a buy-in for Year 2. I have received interest from half a dozen managers so far, so please reach out! Also, I'd like managers who would be open to having a group message on some platform so we can be in touch often. I plan to leave an open Google doc too that shows future picks so that we can manually have the option to work that into trades. Yahoo does not have a ton of dynasty features built in. 

This is my 14th year for fantasy football. I've been running a separate league that's going into year 9 and last season was the first year our group had a repeat champ, so I like to think I do a good job keeping things competitive and fresh and engaging with managers to keep up the interest. we are planning on discussing when is best to draft but the idea is to do soon in the next couple weeks so we can have a little off-season and ensure all mangers are still checking regularly before the season start.

Send me a message with your interest. We can discuss your history in a DM or by email.

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