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Saquon Barkley 2020 Outlook

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1 minute ago, dlionsfan901 said:

Well he pounded his fist when he was being carted off.  You have to imagine that the trainers told him it could be an ACL tear and he’s out for the year or something to that magnitude for him to be that angry.  

I hear you. The guy before said the fact that he was in so much pain indicates not ACL(instead it’s MCL). I agree nobody knows anything right now and is purely speculating

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The other 3 teams in your league are in big trouble, for sure. 

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7 minutes ago, owenmills said:

Or it’s both? Has to be almost impossible to tell just from the players reaction. I don’t own him but hoping it’s not season ending, I like watching him play

I'm not looking at his reaction. Looking at the actual injury. 

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nobody knows anything. it looked bad. he was in a lot of pain. he went to the sideline, sat on the bench, and was eventually carted to the locker room. they said scans/xrays whatever will happen tomorrow. That is all that is known. Right now everything else is conjecture.

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2 minutes ago, RevisAteMyQB said:

Career over. Running style is absolutely not sustainable. Guy takes a crazy spill every time he touches the ball. Those hips just serve as a fulcrum to spin him when he gets hit. 

He needs to stop trying to hurdle people. That is when I get nervous.

Today was just a freak injury - not as a result of his running style.

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Such a brittle POS. Knew it would screw me taking him this year, should've just stuck to my guns and taken Henry 3rd overall.  Oh well, at least I don't have to suffer through 14 more weeks of watching this trash.  Good luck to all of you who somehow survive this.

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