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Michael Thomas 2020 Outlook

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Damn. You got it like that huh. I don’t think I know 1 surgeon, let alone multiples. What the heck are you doing here with us peasants. 

And F Sean Payton for having him out there when the game was decided and all the other backups were in.  

How it started: How it’s going:

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10 minutes ago, n4sa said:

The arrow is pointing up as far as I'm concerned. If he doesn't play next week I'll start to worry.


The arrow is pointing up? He’s not playing in what is the most important week of the fantasy year. This is the semi finals in the vast majority of leagues. This week determines if you will finish 1-2 or 3-4. Winning this week is most important because even if you lose the next week you’ll still get (typically) substantially more money with a 2nd place finished opposed to if you lost this week and won next week (placing 3rd). 


I don’t have him in any leagues but I think the arrow just took a hard turn down lol 

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What a waste of a year, I have no shares, but as a Saints fan it stinks and I feel for those that made him their 1st Rd pick.

It is what it is, but this whole ankle situation (likely) never happens if coach Payton didn't want to run the score up on Arians in WK1...ugh

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2 minutes ago, ColoWrex said:


I don't think that it's his ankle. I think it's some beef he either has with the team or with Brees. All of the sudden Brees comes back from his rib injury and Thomas is on IR due to his ankle? I don't buy it for a second.

* takes off tinfoil hat *

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12 minutes ago, Gohawks said:

Brees comes back and this dude can’t play?

Thomas is an immature clown. Miss me with that “ankle injury” bullshit

Watch him ball the hell out in the playoffs, just to add insult to injury. 

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