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Dalvin Cook 2020 Outlook

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Off the top of your head

Nothing wrong with not being a fan of Cook. The problem is when people make posts like this completely devoid of logic. You're mainly knocking Cook because of lack of track record. Yet you imply CEH(w

Just a few snippets (for fun) to remind you to always consider your source on the boards. Cook #1 OVERALL PPR non-QB, and won players a ton of cash. Well done Dalvin.

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7 minutes ago, iamkoza said:

officially an LP today... not the end of the world but a FP would have settled for sure that he's playing

Its only Wednesday. Tmr and Friday's reports will be more telling, but he's trending int he right direction!

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The only bright spot for me this week.

Excellent play.  He looked unstoppable in between the tackles and out in space.

He just looks significantly quicker and faster than everyone out there on the field.


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And the best post of this thread goes to:


On 8/27/2020 at 9:20 AM, PisEdiRin said:


It's completely out of the question.

Dalvin Cook will not even be a Top 10 RB in 2020. 

Dalvin Cook should not be a 1st Round Pick in 2020.

Drafting a Dalvin Cook in Round 1 is a prime example of how you can Lose your league on Draft Day.



On 9/10/2020 at 10:13 PM, PisEdiRin said:

If you drafted Dalvin Cook over CEH in the last 2 weeks, you made a huge mistake.


Imagine owning CEH over Dalvin Cook. 🤣

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[...] Cook was a superstar today. I think the Vikings are slowly realizing that this is the gameplan to get wins the rest of the way. Give the ball to their best player, and sprinkle in some play/action shots.

He's got a nice schedule for the next few weeks - Det, @Chi, Dal, Car, Jax 

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