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On 12/2/2020 at 1:08 PM, TroutFister said:

look at the above video to realize how ridiculous your statement is, jefferson would be useless on the eagles as well. A prime jerry rice would be trash too. 

I get the point that the Eagles offense doesn't function very well.  And in the video, I could have run that route and been wide open with no DB paying attention to me.  Who knows why Wentz doesnt see the field  and go thru his reads very well.

I watched the Philly game pretty closely because Reagor is on our waiver wire.  The times where he had a DB in the same Zip Code, he did not seem to be able to get any separation.  I'm not sure if Seattle was tipped off to what route he would run because the Philly offense is so predictable. But regardless, Reagor was getting open that often.

On the contrary, Jefferson was getting double teamed  regularily by the Panthers with Thielen out. He still managed to get open for 7 catches. 

To me talent wise, Jefferson is way better than Reagor at getting himself open. So I don't think my statement was so ridiculous.


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