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I am in the tentative stages of putting together a 10/12 team dynasty league starting this fantasy football season! Going through this website I know it will be hard to know I am trustworthy so for the first few years at the very least we will be doing it through LeagueSafe and like other startups, we will be paying for the first two years upfront and have to be a year ahead each year to continue competing. I am putting together rules/stats to vote on once we get to 6 members but this is what I have so far. 

Slow draft will start 5 days after the league randomizes the draft order which will most likely be partaking in a zoom meeting. 

Slow Draft will have no time limits on picks but as soon as 30 days have past the rest of the draft will take place if it is not already done by than.  (We plan on it being done easily by than but you never know with some peoples schedules and with everything being so weird in the world right now)

Entry Fee will be 40 or more dollars, depending on what the league decides the first year. 

Most likely will be SuperFlex unless the league wide vote is not interested in that. 

Draft Pick trades will be allowed once the league finalizes the order, but we will set limits most likely on how many draft picks you can have.(It will be a soft limit but I am in another league where one owner monopolized the market and has 30% of the draft in a 12 team league and as commish that is one thing I am not wanting to happen). 


Those are my first thoughts as I begin to find guys now (have 3 so far) and the first ones to join will be apart of the rule decisions and stat decisions as well!


Thank you guys in advance and I hope to see some of you in my league!

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