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Greetings to all - 

Some of you have seen me post on here before about our league in Coast 2 Coast - our leagues are currently hosted on ESPN (although we've been playing around with Sleeper a bit as well), and our group maintains active communication and banter across our GroupMe channels.  The core of our group has been together for near 7 years now - we do baseball, basketball and football for our current league(s) structure, and the reason we've been able to maintain such a strong and active group is through maintaining conversation and communication through our league chat.  Taking all of that into consideration, we've had a long-term member of our leagues drop off and we're now in search of a replacement for his team(s).  If you're considering submitting your information to take over one or multiple of these vacancies, bear in mind that if you do not intend on being an active part of our league through chat, trades and communication, you will not be an ideal fit and are likely to be replaced shortly after joining.  For baseball, see below for some of the notable players on each of the (2) available teams.  The first set of players is for our H2H points league (18 teams), and the second is for our dynasty H2H cats league (16 teams):

Points (5 Keeper):

D'Angelo Russell, De'Aaron Fox, Ja Morant, Montrezl Harrell, Jaren Jackson


Ja Morant, Jaren Jackson Jr, Duncan Robinson, Larry Nance, JJ Redick, 1st pick in rookie draft


Lastly - if interested in filling one or more of these vacancies, please email me at c2cfantasysports@gmail.com - I'm not seeking to fill these vacancies through just anyone posting on this board as we've seen some members who fit that mold come and go fairly swiftly.  I'll seek to have a brief convo with you through email, and if we come together on a fit then you will be in. Look forward to hearing from y'all - be safe and well.


- JD

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