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Kenny Golladay 2020 Outlook

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I would rather go down with the motha ******** pontoon boat if i received that poop dick of an offer. 

Kenny Golladay (hamstring) out for Week 1 (One week later) "...The issue here is the pain Golladay would feel when trying to raise his arms above his head to catch passes. "    

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Still on the fence myself. If I don't start KG my best options are Kelley vs CAR, or pick up Tre'Quan Smith for tonights NO/GB game. I have quite a few players going at 1 today, so i'm going to see what they do for me and decide what I'm going to do later on. 

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I actually think there's a high chance Kenny is being cheeky. Apparently he's looked good in practice all week.

Not 100% could mean he's 95%, which I would be fine with, but everyone is taking it as if he's saying he's 70%.

I also think gamesmanship wise, the worse shape he's in the more incentive he would have to say he's fully healthy at this point. We'll see soon enough!


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I didn't see him a ton. Was watching Red Zone. He looked fine on the TD--he kind of just out jumped the defense and then fell backwards in to the endzone. If he got out of the game without exacerbating the injury (I think he did--haven't heard anything to the contrary) I'll be really happy with this whole outcome.

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On 9/23/2020 at 5:41 PM, pastorofmuppets2 said:



Matty Fatty's job is on the line ... expect a firing over the bye if they don't pull one of the next 2 out - he's fighting for his livelihood, and this is it - i give them zero shot vs the Saints next week. 

old axiom of "back the more desperate team" fully in play here ... i will gladly bet a bundle on the +5.5, and will chuck a nice amount on the straight up moneyline (+210).

don't think he's anything special at all as a coach, but i think they come out and surprise for him this week ... Kenny G helps immensely, of course. 





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As far as the game goes, Kenny looked very good. Didn’t have as many snaps but that’s to be expected, he definitely has a connection with Stafford. If he can get through next week and into the bye, we are looking at a guaranteed WR1 in my opinion. If you managed to hold onto him you are about to be rewarded 

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Perfect. Looked good, his team won, my team is (almost certainly) going to win, didn't seem to exacerbate the injury. Of course I left him on the bench for Gage (and left Gallup on as well, but I digress). Hope nobody lost by doing the same thing...but I'd be pretty surprised if no-one did.

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