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Kenny Golladay 2020 Outlook

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I would rather go down with the motha ******** pontoon boat if i received that poop dick of an offer. 

Kenny Golladay (hamstring) out for Week 1 (One week later) "...The issue here is the pain Golladay would feel when trying to raise his arms above his head to catch passes. "    

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1 minute ago, thefranchise3 said:

As someone who owned Kenny G last year as well, this smells like a big Marvin Jones game. He always have 1-2 HUGE games per year. I still have nightmares about his 4 TD game against the Vikings in week 7. 


Why not both 😉

Kenny will feast & Marvin can merely eat. 

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23 minutes ago, fruitjacket said:

You do know what's going to happen, right?

You, like I, will put Kenny G in our lineups.

And Adrian Freaking Peterson is going to GO OFF because, well, just because.

Almost no RBs feast against the saints, they are well over 30 games without a back getting over 85 yards rushing.

But I hear ya, it'll prob happen #cuzfootball #cuz2020...but Kenny is gonna be 🔥

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2 minutes ago, SkinThatSmokeWagon said:

Guess I’m starting both this week now. 

I'm right there with ya brother!

Startin em both.  AP is not AP from 2010.  We all know that, but he's still very capable.  You run him 25-30 times a game, he'll get you Derrick Henry numbers.

He's not as fast, but he can still make dudes miss like mad and sets up his blockers better than anyone in the game.

I'd personally love to see him just go off on the entire league. 



Plus I also have him on my roster and can't play King Henry or Mostert this week and my other RB is Jeff "GL Vulture" Wilson.


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3 minutes ago, Breesus said:

I’ve been really high on this guy all off-season, he was my WR3 coming into the year. Injuries suck but I’m excited to see what he can do finally at full health 

You must be super stacked if he is your WR3!

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7 hours ago, LionKid90 said:

Got to feel great about Kenny the rest of the way. He’s finally healthy, has his bye out of the way, and the schedule looks nice.

I’m hoping Lions defense lets them down and we see a lot of Stafford to Golloday.

Yep, now that he's got a couple of games under his belt we should see a couple of 30 burgers in the next several games.

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