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Kenny Golladay 2020 Outlook

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I would rather go down with the motha ******** pontoon boat if i received that poop dick of an offer. 

Kenny Golladay (hamstring) out for Week 1 (One week later) "...The issue here is the pain Golladay would feel when trying to raise his arms above his head to catch passes. "    

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3 hours ago, Cam4Future said:


I read that clearly as a "limited participation".

I hope he sits out this week and is finally fully recovered the next week going forward. 


That was for Monday... I posted it a couple days ago.  All I saw for yesterday was “No Practice” for their Tuesday Walkthrough.

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18 hours ago, Martinlongbow said:

Yeah they did not pay hopkins and will golladay, no way! Each missed game is eating into his paycheck.he would be happy with tag at this point

The clown that let Hopkins go was fired.

Trust me there are teams that will pay for Golladay nd if they don't franchise tag him, they hopefully lose him. He's wasting away there like Calvin Johnson did, catching errant stafford passes that get the receivers hurt.

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2 minutes ago, Drewfus said:

This guy is killing me rn.

Does anyone know what kind of hip injury he has? I can't find it anywhere on the googler. 

I believe he had a grade 2 strain of his Patricius Mattimus and we're hoping things will have finally healed up for this week. 

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Hopefully with Patricia and the GM gone we’ll either:


A) Get him back, as Kenny obviously wasn’t gonna stick his neck out to play for the former management;




B) At the very least get some clarity on the situation, now that the bearded Belicheck wannabe is no longer there.

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