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Do You LOVE To Trade And Be Active?

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Then I have a team in a league for you. 

Fantasy football has changed, technology is everywhere. There is no excuse for anyone to not be active, ever. No excuse, you can even check your phone in the hospital and at funerals. Teams that have owners who dont check in daily are owners who have better things to do. I do not want any owner with a better thing to do then run a fantasy team. 

If you do not check in daily, you are terrible owner and you can call me a bad commish cuz I wont tolerate your laziness. They have leagues for the lazy, this is not that. 

I dont just take anyone who signs up, I interview people. I check to make sure you are active in other leagues. I make you work to join my league that has traded 60 times in 50 days. Its a privilege to be in a league that trades this much. Dont care if you understand that or not. I run fair letter of the law leagues and Im not nice about those who are inactive, you are the worst type of fantasy owner and should be shamed. Only cheating is worse then an inactive owner in this commishes eyes. 

Yet, still, some lazy owners sneak through. I can prepare them for the fury of activity they are about to take part in and they always think they can handle it. The new owner will have 50 offers when they join in the first day. If you are not ready for the ridiculousness of trying to get ripped off as soon as you join, you're not cut out for this league. lol

I CANT EMPHASIZE ENOUGH, YOU SEND OUT OFFERS DAILY, YOU ARE THE BEST OWNER I CAN ASK FOR. Thats all it takes to make trades, trying...but what do I know, I only run leagues which trade 150+ times a year. If you run your team, thats not good enough. You need to be here often trying to trade. When you take a dump, try to trade. When you lay in bed, try to trade. 

You are free to run your team obviously, no one tells you who to trade or how to trade. But you will TRY to trade in my leagues or you will stick out like a sore thumb. You will be joining a league with a 11 other traders, so thats why you will stick out. You will be replacing a guy who joined this year and claimed he understood it, he has not made trades and has not logged in 11 days. That guy has to go for someone who is active. 

Its a $70 Dyno PPR league. This is not your typical dyno leagues. We reward for trades, the entire 4th round draft order is based off the amount of trades you make. We name our league after trading. If you dont send out 10ish trades a day, I dont want you. If you are sensitive and hate massive trash talk, I dont want you. We talk massive nonsense on all things. See how honest I am with you, just be honest with me that you are active. 

You dont wanna join my league,, then dont waste my time or yours. Im looking for a hardcore fantasy obsessed owner who never found that league with other hardcore obsessed owners who love to trade. This league was created for those to trade as I got fed up of leagues with 2 trades a year with owners who check in just to set their lineup. 

I run 3 leagues, I never have a problem filling them, but I wanted to intentionally make a post like this on a site like this. Just to show my 3 leagues if you dont stay active, Ill replace you too. I rather fold my leagues then allow lazy inactive owners in them. 

If you read that and have interest...DM me, I'll message you rosters and rules. If no interest, I guess I'll keep the inactive owner until someone does. 

Promise you, this is the most real post you will ever read as I dont beat around the bush about the activity.

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