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Nyheim Hines 2020 Outlook

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Nice post, you're obv a smart guy. But I picked up J.Kelly for free off waivers before week 1 so I guess I'm even smarter than you.

Moment of silence for everyone who blew their faab load on this guy

Nyheim Hines is going to be a League Winner after the Colts Week 7 BYE Do not be fooled by these last 2 weeks versus Cousins/Vikings and Darnold/Jets. You want to play Hines facing good QBs/Offen

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9 minutes ago, ST. STEVEN said:

Jordan Wilkins will be the 3rd back. He is actually pretty decent too.


8 minutes ago, Brettg57 said:

Ya I remember him from last year. This scares me, Reich could employe all three and distribute touches. 


He dressed week 1 but only seen 1 snap, I assume barring injury or barring a big Colts leads where he spells Taylor killing the clock that he won't or at least shouldn't be that heavily involved.

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1 minute ago, edgarfelce said:

This is fantasy, the goal is to chase and garner points.


No, the goal is to predict future points by making reasonable and educated decisions.


That's the difference between good and bad fantasy players.  Only one of them complains about luck, because they are gambling.

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