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Dynasty Deal for CEH? WHIR 100%

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8 Team 0.5 PPR Dynasty

Team in Sig and here for mobile users:

QB: Watson

RB: Zeke, Jonathan Taylor

WR: Michael Thomas, OBJ, AJ Brown

TE: Kittle

FLEX: Courtland Sutton, McLaurin

D- Steelers

K: Gould


QB: Daniel Jones, Sam Darnold

RB: Derrius Guice, Tarik Cohen, Chase Edmonds, Damien Harris

WR: Denzel Mims, Gallup, Michael Pittman, Diontae Johnson, Anthony Miller, Bryan Edwards, Parris Campbell, Antonio Gandy Golden

TE: Hockenson, Gesicki, Dawson Knox

2021 Picks: 3 2nds and 1 4th


Team won last year but is probably only a playoff team and not the favorite this season with trades elsewhere and lack of RB depth

Have been trying to make a move for a young RB with WR ammo since the draft and this is the most recent deal that came up. The price has been really high as they usually are for young RBs

Give: OBJ+All 3 2021 2nd Round Rookie Picks (all 11-15 overall likely)

Get: Clyde Edwards Helaire

The homer Chiefs fan in me wants to do it so bad, even if it means no draft capital until the 4th round next year, but I recognize that the value may not be great.

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43 minutes ago, hockeyfan77 said:

Seems like a lot to give up, but like the post above stated you have a ton of WR depth so if you comfortable giving up those picks do it...


2 hours ago, bhawks489 said:

Id pass. That seems like a ton to give up on an unknown.


Although you do need RBs pretty bad and losing OBJ isnt that bad with your WRs....

Value wise I know I am losing but my team is kind of young isn’t it? Maybe the draft capital is more expendable in that case.

I wouldn’t have any 2021 picks until the 3rd-4th round, but drafts after that are still intact.

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On 5/23/2020 at 10:40 AM, mocha4313 said:

Give: OBJ+All 3 2021 2nd Round Rookie Picks (all 11-15 overall likely)

Get: Clyde Edwards Helaire

I think there are 3 questions:

1) Are 3 2nd round picks worth a 1st overall?
2) Is CEH a good pick 1st overall?
3) If so, is the difference worth it to throw in OBJ?

One thing I missed so far is that you have a fairly small league, only 8 teams, so that increases the value of the picks and lowers the value of OBJ. I'd say:
- yes
- well, the main question I have about CEH is whether he is going to be a bellcow in the crowded KC backfield. We have to assume he's going to be at some point, but I'm not fully convinced yet.
- You're stacked on WR, so I guess it's ok

All in all the price is high, but not insane. You're getting fleeced, but it's still within acceptable limits. Having essentially no picks next year would scare me away though.

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Even though I think CEH is going to be the top rookie RB this year, I think that is a pretty steep price to pay and would stand pat.

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