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Start up 14 team Superflex PPR Dynasty League. Rookie/Auction draft

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The itch to partake in a start up dynasty football rookie draft has been killing me during this offseason so i'm taking on the chore of setting up a league to experience the fun of a start up draft during these dog days of the summer.

For the best experience of the league the rookie and inaugural dynasty auction's will be split up into two separate drafts. So as soon as the league would be filled the fun could start.

14 team super flex PPR Yahoo









The yearly rookie draft will take place before the auction and represent the first 3 rounds of your team before the auction takes place to fill out the rest of your team. 

Roster size will be 20 spots and during the offseason each team will protect 16 players for your squad and must release any 4 players before the start of the rookie draft. This is a rough draft of the rules but a clear constitution will be drafted by the time the league is full and all owners are in the league and agree upon certain details which i will listen to the input and suggestions from the group. Including the price on the yearly team buy in which i would preemptively set at around $50 to $75(via leaguesafe) per team on whatever the agreed upon entry fee would be if that's in the range for a buy in you're looking for.

If you're interested in getting some summer drafts in to kill time and get your mind off real life issues then feel free to drop your email and i'll reach out and start the dialogue and we can talk about any questions/suggestions/possible other owner invites during this recruiting process. 

I take pride in running f***ery free leagues so i hope to find some honest guys who love dynasty football as much as i do and create a fun experience for everyone interested.


Drop your email below and ill be in contact!

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