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Akers v dobbins 2020 redraft. Go.

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I say team akers. Why would they use their first pick on a rb if they were happy with henderson? I feel that if henderson had shown anything he would have gotten more volume down the stretch last year but instead they leaned on gurley.  As for malcom brown pretty sure he is just a guy with no special traits. 

However if something were to happen to ingram jk dobbins is the answer because he plays with a mobile qb and a better o line which are 2 things that help out the rb.

I am fine with both as my rb4 with rb2 upside if things break right.

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In redraft it’s Akers

Mark Ingram>>>>>>>Darrell Henderson

Rams drafting him with their first pick while having so many holes should say something: A. the Rams are not a competent organization and B. they have plans for him


I do think Dobbins’s game is a safer bet to translate career wise but he will have to wait until 2021

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Since redraft I go Akers because Ingram has too much of a strong hold right now in Baltimore. The Ravens want to keep their team as good or better than last season. So no large scale changes unless forced by injury is my guess. They start off with them and KC as the big dogs of the AFC by a large margin, I believe. With Akers I think he is going to assume the better half of the RBBC early. Henderson disappointed last season... he didn’t seem to live up to the high ypc hype heading into last season. Not sure how electric Brown is. They couldn’t carve into Gurley’s workload despite the knee arthritis. Akers looks athletic and fast on tape. I doubt it takes long for him to win the lead role. 

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