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32 Team NFL Themed IDP Dynasty Startup

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Looking for a hardcore owner seeking a fun, competitive and deep long term league. I currently have only 1 opening. It is the Tennessee Titans.

32 Team NFL Themed IDP Dynasty Startup launching in 2020
Will be on MFL,
Group me for communication
League safe for $$$

Based on the real NFL. You pick an NFL team, you play your division 3 times a year for a total of 8 divisional games. There are 24 games in our season. This is similar % as 6 div games in a 16 game season. Division champ makes the playoffs. There will be 32 teams, 2 separate 16 team drafts. AFC & NFC have separate player pools. AFC & NFC Cannot trade with one another. There will be 24 regular season games. The 8 division winners will make the playoffs along with 6 additional wild card teams. No waivers throughout the season.

MFL Fee: $129.90

League fee $175 x 32 = $5,600

After Site fee = $5,470.10

#1 Seed $400 x 2 = $800.00 (4670)
#2 Seed $325 x 2 = $650.00 (4020)
#3 Seed $250 x 2 = $500.00 (3520)
#4 Seed $175 x 2=$350.00 (3170)
#5 Seed $125 x 2=$250.00
#6 Seed $75 x 2=$150.00

AFC Runner up $200
NFC Runner up $200
Superbowl Loser $600
Superbowl Winner $1,770.10

Double headers (24 games)
9 Divisional Games,
Weeks 12 & 11, Divisional weeks
Week 13 Wildcard 2v7 3v6 & 4v5 (Reseeding will occur)
Week 14 Divisional
Week 15 Conference Championship
Week 16 Superbowl

QB 1-2
RB 2-6
WR 4-8
TE 1-5
12 offense
DE 3-4
DT 2-3
LB 4-5
CB 3-4
S 3-4
16 defense

55 round startup draft, 55 man rosters. 5 Taxi squad

14 picks , 7 rookie, 7 supplemental (free agents & undrafted rookies)

League Fees will be due & our target draft date is July 6th.

League fee will be split evenly among 32 owners. Very High Scoring, IDP Players are very important. This is a long term league. Only serious owners for the long haul please.
Tanking is allowed, Draft order is determined by Record followed by PF

Here is a link to the league page where you can find the scoring.

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We're full but I can throw you on the wait list if you want. In my experience, some people flake before payment deadline. Rookies & Vets are together for start up draft. They are separate in all future off seasons.

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Hey guys, have some potential openings for this league. We filled in FEB, our draft/pay date is July 6th so we're getting close and we're experiencing the typical last second drops. Let me know if interested, looking for serious, diehard, long term players.

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