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I don’t mind pushing transactions through quickly.   Entering the players just took longer than usual.   It ends up office time is a lot more productive for fantasy than family time. 

He dmed me that he wants josh Rosen 

Let's do it again ! ... kidding. sort of.  thank you as always for helping put this together. 

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Tough to move the blend of LJax & Henry, but obviously like getting Barkley when there's chance.
DHC gets his guy along with, imo, the best fantasy QB.

Nice dealing DHC...

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You just said we could make trades... doesn't really matter.
DHC can just pick Fournette and we complete the trade anyway...


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6 minutes ago, Winky said:

You just said we could make trades... doesn't really matter.
DHC can just pick Fournette and we complete the trade anyway...



I wasn't being serious, I thought he was kidding!! This is a regular redraft. If you wanna trade players, you'll have to do it after the draft ends  

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5 minutes ago, predator_05 said:


I wasn't being serious, I thought he was kidding!! This is a regular redraft. If you wanna trade players, you'll have to do it after the draft ends  


Ok, we can do that. No problems here.


I take Leonard Fournette 


@FFCollusionis OTC


I took Lenny cause I plan on trading him and Barkley to winky for Henry and LJax

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Le'Veon Bell

David Johnson


Round 2

1: Iron-Cock - Jonathan Taylor, RB, IND

2: predator_05 - Mike Evans, WR, TB

3: CyberneticGhostOfXMasPast - Kenyan Drake, RB, ARI 

4: mrblonde1984 - Aaron Jones, RB, GB

5: DocJ - Travis Kelce - TE, KC

6: ToO_BaD - Chris Godwin, WR, TB

7: Br0kenB - DeAndre Hopkins, WR, ARI

8: hockeyfan77 - Patrick Mahomes, QB, KC

9: Winky - Lamar Jackson, QB, BAL

10: Boudewijn - Kenny Golladay, WR, DET

11: 1972Miamidolphins - Cooper Kupp, WR, LAR

12: bhawks489 - Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB, KC

13: DerrickHenrysCleats - Leonard Fournette, RB, JAX

14: FFCollusion - Le'Veon Bell, RB, NYJ


Round 3

1: FFCollusion - David Johnson, RB, HOU

2: DerrickHenrysCleats - On The Clock @DerrickHenrysCleats

3: bhawks489 - On Deck - @bhawks489

4: 1972Miamidolphins - 

5: Boudewijn - 

6: Winky - 

7: hockeyfan77 - 

8: Br0kenB - 

9: ToO_BaD - 

10: DocJ - 

11: mrblonde1984 - 

12: CyberneticGhostOfXMasPast - 

13: predator_05 - 

14: Iron-cock - 


It didn’t take me long to realize, I strongly dislike my draft spot.  While taking the #1 player in the game is a nice start, they have to live up to it to justify their pick, and historically that’s an incredibly rare feat.  The first round is of no relevance in my mind, I’ve held that mentality for quite some time.  Nearly all of the players in the 1st round deserve to go there, and the differences between them are a matter of opinion more than anything else.  When I saw the options available to Ironcock at his wrap, I was immediately envious.


Sitting at the end of the draft does give you ample time to anguish and research a solid 5-7 players that ‘might’ make it to you… and then you get to watch every single one get drafted.  This leaves you constantly looking down the draft board at players with lower ADPs almost forcing you to ‘reach’ which lowers the overall value of your players at each turn.


My drafting philosophy, for Snakes, hasn’t really changed much over the years.  Evaluate what’s most realistically available to you at each round, starting from the bottom, and use that ‘estimate’ to adjust your first few rounds to balance your team overall.  This league, 14 teams full of avid fantasy footballers, typically means ADPs are completely useless.  That fact is compounded when we draft so early, then once again with a free league, the risks can be greater with no downside.  Each and every one of us, will take any player we want, at any time.  Universally it appears to be agreed, there is no such thing as a reach, if the player might not make it to your next pick.  That’s just the reality of the game.  I’ve always felt, that once the draft is over, it doesn’t matter where you drafted someone.  You look at your team, you see the names you have, you put them into your lineup, and either you like the names or you don’t.  It doesn’t matter if you got Player A in the 2nd or 3rd, or if your opponent got theirs in round 1 or 4.  When the matchup comes all that matters is, which of them you’d rather have in your lineup and who scores more points.


As I glance down the ADP and evaluate this year’s talent pool, there seems to be a glaring void of desirable RBs.  Staring at the double digit rounds, I see some players that strike me as passable as the 2nd flex players, but very few of them are RBs.  That leads me to believe I need to get them early and often, but even then… there was still a lack of backs I care to own.  Even at the 2/3 wrap, I’m looking at Melvin Gordon who I’ve never liked, feel he’s always been volume dependent and now he’s changed teams.  Le’Veon Bell I’ve always liked, but time and workload have taken their toll, although not nearly as much as the Jets and Gase have, enter Frank Gore.  Chris Carson, another name I like, but hip injury and enter Carlos Hyde.  David Johnson has all the question marks you can think of, including a new team.  After that I’m looking nearly a full round down the ADPs to find another back.


At this point, I consider looking into any excuse to avoid these backs.  If Kelce falls I can do ‘this’, if Lamar Jackson falls I can do ‘that’.  But ultimately the reality is the same.  If I don’t leave the 2/3 wrap with 1 or 2 backs, I might not ever get another one.  Something you learn quickly in a league of this size and knowledge, is that by week 5 every single backup to the backups backup, will be owned.  Halfway through the season we’re all searching for anyone with a pulse to start.  I keep staring at the draftboard and I just don’t see any other logical rounds/wraps in which RBs will be there for me.  The 4/5 wrap looks empty, then after that it’s a bit harder to see more than 2-3 backs that could realistically land on my roster, so despite the effort, it’s a now or never scenario for me.


Leonard Fournette:  This is an easy one.  If Fournette makes it to me, he’s the top choice by far.  I don’t expect it to happen, but outside of (valid) injury concerns he has the clearest and safest path to production.  A workhorse back, who last year finally got involved in the passing game.  I’m sure that’s in large part due to the absence of… uh… Yeldon? And while Chris Thompson will jump in and take a decent chunk of passing downs, he is not a threat for any meaningful carries or goal line work in my opinion.  Even if JAX tried to trade him or dislike him, I don’t think it matters much.  Fournette finished 9th among RBs last year despite only three (3) touchdowns, which is impressive in itself.  As long as he can avoid stubbing his toe and complaining about it for 4+ weeks, he’s the best of the bunch here.


Le’Veon Bell:  My 2nd choice here.  The Jets are a terrible football team, Gase is a terrible coach, and combined they’ll do whatever they can to prevent Bell from being a top tier fantasy player, but Bell really is (was?) that good that it only matters so much.  11th in carries, 23rd in yards, 7th in targets, 7th in receptions, 9th in receiving yards, but 39th in touchdowns.  One of these is not like the other.  Gase loves Gore and has been seemingly open about not being a fan of Bell, so this has a lot of potential to blow up in my face but… whatever.  An alleged upgraded O-line, likely means nothing without time to 'gel' before football.  If Bell's TD's progress to the mean, say to 8, he instantly jumps to RB12 last year, despite the pretty garbage season.  As the 17th RB off the board, I feel fine.


Chris Carson/David Johnson:  Probably a toss up between Carson and DJ here.  Carson is currently injured though with the hip and took 15 games to get the same amount of targets DJ got in 4.  Maybe a change of scenery can help DJ, maybe the injuries have just sapped his explosiveness, but both of these guys are massive injury risks, at least DJ is hypothetically healthy right now.  Duke will inevitably cut into his passing down work and HOU/Watson are notorious for not throwing to the backs anyways, but both of these teams have QB vultures at the goal line.  Seattle is arguably the better offense.  The advantage for DJ is that Carson has a fumble habit and despite this forum’s disdain for Hyde, I’ve been advocating for his skill/ability for 4 or 5 years now, and against Duke’s; and I won’t be reversing that this year.


James Conner always struck me as a 1 year wonder, he wasn’t on my radar here.  I’m hoping Ekeler doesn’t fall to me, because I’m skeptical and didn’t really pay attention to him and don’t want to.  I believe I already mentioned I think Melvin Gordon is too reliant on workload and DEN backups flashed more than any of the aforementioned.


If it’s worth anything, I gave some thought to what I would do if Kenny Golladay made it to me here.  My initial reaction was, I would gladly take him after he was a top 5 WR despite only having Stafford for 8 games and I genuinely can’t tell you who the QB was for Detroit after that.  Upon closer look, even as a top 5 WR, with 1100 yards and lead all WRs in TDs… he averaged just 13.6 Points Per Game. Look at the handful of RBs discussed above, as well as 2-4 more I didn’t mention that are still available, almost all of them had a higher PPG than Golloday despite their struggles and despite Golladay’s success.  If I’m betting on which one repeats and which regress/progress to the mean, I would have a hard time betting on Golladay.  Having said that, he’s incredibly talented and extremely entertaining to watch.  A full season with Stafford, his 4th in the league, there’s plenty of reason to believe he is worth every bit of the 2nd round.  A very similar train of thought occurred for Kittle.

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8 hours ago, Iron-cock said:


Two teams with two RBs taken, two with two WRs taken, and shockingly two QBs taken before the end of the second.  Not sure that has happened before in this league. 


I think @bhawks489 is west coast so he should be checking in soon. 

In all honesty, im midwest. I was up until about 3 am last night though seeing if I could get my last pick in. Little late for work this morning.

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